All images © Patrick Breen

Mary Herrera tells her harrowing story of nearly dying in battle in Iraq. "I was looking through the turret at the sky, talking with good and making my peace and realizing that I probably won't see my parents again." 

Colin Day describes losing a close friend to an IED. "I wear a little bracelet with me everyday to remember him. I don't know how other guys see it... but I truly see it as when I'm out doing something, he's there with me."

Jonathan Lucas talks about his first kill and the regret he feels to this day. "I killed an innocent person. What he had in his hands were holy beads. He was just going home from the Mosque. He wasn't doing anything."

Michael Rolack talks about his grandson, Nicholas Rolack, and how the war stuck with Nick until his suicide. "I was constantly on him about, 'Nicky what's wrong? Granddad would do anything for you, man, whatever you need, whatever you want, just let me know...  But he didn't. And March 7th last year he killed himself."